Collage Management

To overcome the complexity of this environment and to manage its resources with optimal efficiency, Institute management need to have robust and integrated College Management Software for their day to day operation. College Management Software is unparallel and comprehensive College Management Software that covers each and every entity of Institute like students, faculties and management. Coupled with tight competition from the industry, these institutions are increasingly seeking the help of information technology to improvise their facilities and maintain a competitive edge to their educational business. Welcome to the extremely efficient, systematic, sophisticated yet user friendly automated System of e-Campus, School Management System, e-Coaching , College Management Software.

Regular updating of a number of registers and the ever- increasing database; streamlining the flow of admissions, lectures, practical, examinations, results; management of Library, Laboratories, and other resources, etc. are just few of the things that are required to ensure smooth functioning and this is not as simple as it sounds.

Our application uses Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as presenation layer. It provides resolution independent interface to interact with the user. WPF also allows us to change presentation colours using themes.

Our application uses MS SQL Server 2008 r2 as database server it is an open source and very stable in windows enviorment. MySql server can be installed in Windows server. MS SQL Server admin panel has a features of backups automatically.